Snow in the Arizona desert — 30 Comments

  1. Good morning Mary and family! Oh that photo of the mountains with the clouds resting on the tips…that is one gorgeous photo! And snow? YES! I remember my father telling me about how it could snow in the dessert…..I never believed him (as a child!) but it can get pretty CHILLY out there! Oh Mary, I wish you more and more lush days of travel, of beauty, and photography. I really hope you continue to think about maybe submitting your photos or at least collect a few for a special gallery of desert life. I’ve told you this before maybe, but I was never one for desert landscapes. But when I fell upon your blog, you showed me the detailed beauty I had missed all my life.

    Thank you for a great beginning of blogging fun in the desert. I wish us all another year of continuous discover of ourselves, of our beautiful world! Anita

    • Thanks Anita for being such a great cheerleader of my photos. I am kinda working on a desert set, we’ll see where it takes me. The desert is pretty chilly right now, but the colors are amazing. I’m glad I can bring to you something unexpected.
      And YES…here’s to a wonderful 2015!

  2. A couple of years ago we were camped at Lost Dutchman SP during the month of March. A freak storm came through blanketing the Superstition Mtns with snow. While I was bundled up in the Phoenix area my dad was back in the Chicago area wearing shorts LOL. It did make for some fantastic shots and humorous stories. Hope it warms soon. Happy New Year!
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  3. I LOVE the cacti picture. The barrel one yesterday with the buds was so beautiful. I love cacti. It was one degree here with jack frost on the windows this morning. The doggies have been staying in a lot. Last night the fireworks and pan banging scared the h*** out of them and of course they came in for a while. We had company Lan and Candee and we drank some wine and had lots of food to celebrate the new year. WE played the guitars and rang in the new year right. What a neat place you have out in the boonies. You could get naked and howl at the moon around the Zen circle.

  4. Snow! I saw that in the forecast for the desert SW but didn’t really believe it. We almost made a very long drive down there seeking warm sunshine. I’m glad we didn’t! (although it would have been warmer than here but still not warm enough to warrant all that driving!).

    For the future, if you have any favorite camping spots outside of Albuquerque, I’d love it if you could share them with me. We might trek down there sometime this winter.
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    • It’s pretty chilly still, going to be 26 tonight. It’s the wind really that’s cold. Warmer by early next week though. I have never been to Albuquerque. But we are planning on going through Santa Fe in March. Not really the same I suppose. LOL

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