Stanley to Sun Valley, Idaho — 28 Comments

  1. Ernest Hemingway is from Ketchum Id. Well glad your having wonderful time in such a beautiful part of the world. It must be inspiring to do your art out in Nature with the water and mountains all around your camp. You could really go native.

  2. Oh my goodness, this is one of my favorite stops you’ve made! I love the scenery and especially the roaring river. I’d have had a hard time leaving, especially with your adorable squirrel neighbors. How did the pups react to the squirrels? Daisy would have been chasing them all over the wilderness! Best of luck on your upcoming show!
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    • They would have chased them given half a chance. When we opened the door, they popped into their holes. The dogs knew they were there, but never got chance to chase.

    • I had to keep them under control. I don’t like them chasing the locals. It’s good we were only there one night. LOL

  3. Your photos are so beautiful, I’m so envious. I’ve always wanted to wander like you do. Find a spot, stop for however long I want and then go on again. It would satisfy the wanderlust in my soul. :-)

  4. You brought back amazing memories. I was once a pro bike racer, and I did a very long stage race in Idaho. One stage went from Boise to Stanley (back when Stanley was a tiny town with one restaurant and one hotel for our entire race caravan). Another stage went from Stanley to Sun Valley. After that race, I thought that I wanted to live in Idaho… Your photos remind me of why.

    I believe we went through Ketchum too, but by that point, I was in the tired daze of a bike racer who has spent 10 days pedaling seemingly at top speed, all day, everyday. Have fun there!
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