Staying healthy in every way

Thursday thoughts with Torrey – Staying healthy in every way

Staying healthy in every way is so important. Oh sure, everyone knows to walk and hike a lot, and eat good too. But what about the smaller things, the less obvious. Mom started brushing my teeth after I lost my desire to chew on hard things. I was a pro at chewing on antlers, and boy did they keep my teeth healthy. But, I don’t really like chewing anymore. I love my stuffed toys, and my soft flying disk, but that’s not a good teeth workout. So about a year ago, I started getting my teeth brushed. This actually is an OK thing. I caught on much quicker than mom thought I would. We started with a beef flavored toothpaste, yummm. Then mom thought she would get smart and try mint YUCK!!! Now I have peanut flavored. Yumm again. Anyway, we started with a people brush. And that worked pretty OK. Then Mom was contacted by Zututh, makers of special dog toothbrushes. They wanted to know if we would like to give their brush a try, sure we said.
Staying healthy in every way
 They sent us  a regular brush, and an electric brush. Just so you know, the electric one freaked me out, but that’s just me. You might love it.  So we use the regular one. 
They are shaped different to fit a dogs mouth. Mom likes the big easy to manage handle. Keeping dogs teeth clean is great preventative medicine. No teeth cleaning at the vet, no risk of infection from bad teeth or gums, and especially nice breath. I want to keep my smile nice and white. 
Staying healthy in every way
  Staying healthy in every way
 Another way to keep healthy is from the inside out. Sure good food is super important, but supplements can help too. The Sun Chlorella company sent us some of their Rejuva-wafers to try out. They are made with the super food Chlorella. Which is like eating a ton of good green veggies, all in one nice little wafer. 
 Check out all these benefits from Rejuva-wafers. Doesn’t every dog need these? Of course we do. And Rejuva-wafer could help you achieve a better healthier you.  
So check out these companies that want to help you stay healthy, in every way. 
Disclaimer: I received both these products in exchange for my honest review. And I am always an honest reviewer.    


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  1. Boy isn’t this the truth. Two months ago our four year old cat Tres lost 3/4ths of his teeth. His gums absorbed the roots to his teeth resulting in tooth loss. He has only two teeth left. We have to feed him wet food now instead of dry. It cost around three hundred dollars to have teeth cleaned at the Vets. I know Roxy and Torrey will have sparkling teeth thanks to her diligent Mom.

  2. Oh, this reminds me I’m overdue to brush Rita’s teeth. I try to brush them at least a couple times a week – but I can get pretty lazy about it since it’s not her fave thing! Besides, her teeth look pretty good from chewing antlers and what not, so that tends to make me even lazier about it!

    Those treats look interesting. I’ll check those out. My hubs is into making us drink this “green drink” stuff, so that looks like kind of a similar thing for pups!
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  3. Your Mom takes such good care of you! We don’t do tooth brushing….the beagles just won’t tolerate it, and I tried about 6 different kinds of toothpaste. Sheba’s teeth stay pretty clean with chewing. You are so good about it, Torrey! If we get any new dogs in the future though, I will start them on tooth brushing early on so that they will get used to it.
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