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  1. I’m afraid that I would be like Torrey and Cody would be like you Roxy. I do NOT enjoy geese and this leads me to think that I wouldn’t enjoy an Emu either! Frankly, Mom said she had never seen an Emu til you posted it, she knew the name from crossword puzzles (BOL) but had never seen one and thinks they are kinda scary too, so cut Torrey some slack! Barks and licks and love, Dakota
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  2. I think your pals Ollie and Reggie would go after them and chase them like their goat, Lucy who tries to head butt them but has no horns. I won’t ride my horse by those Emus. Sugar would jump clear across the road with me if she heard that noice. I’m glad you were with Torrey and set a good example of bravery Roxy.

  3. There’s an agility trial I attend that is on a farm. They have two emus very near where the agility courses are. We park right next to the pen. Jimmy goes ballistic and would like to make a snack of them (well, rally a full blown meal!), and Wilson pays them no mind whatsoever. And I unfortunately know from first hand experience that emu pee STINKS! Jimmy had a good roll in some and it was awful!
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  4. Hey Roxy, Hey Torrey, Jet here.

    Roxy, proud of you for standing your ground with those big avians… however, Torrey has her strengths too…

    You know, I’m a big manly man yet I have lots of things I’m scared of too… My Nana always said big things come in small packages! (she’s really short!)
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