The neighborhood owl — 20 Comments

  1. Good morning Mary! That owl is dynamic. I adore them. I have to tell you that I’ve always appreciated your talent, but even more NOW. The other day, we went out to the countryside to visit my beloved horses. I took many photos but while I can say that my “studio” photography is improving a great deal, my NATURE photography has a LONG, LONG way to go. The lighting is very tricky to work with and though my horses are sweet and I tried my best to capture them up close, the surrounding background was terribly washed out. I think part of what I didn’t like is that we are still in late winter mode, with NO green. So my horses are stunning but the environment is simply dull.

    I must check out this program! I’m having so much fun. Happy day! Anita

    • When the background is not so fabulous it’s best to get in close, and lower your aperture. That will fade and blur the background some. Lighting is the hardest part of nature photography. Getting all the settings right in camera is essential, but not always easy. If you shoot in RAW however, you have more control over everything in the post processing. Your studio photos are beautiful, and I have enjoyed them. Outdoor is just another thing to learn and master. You’ll do it.

  2. I love owls and I loved it to watch your photos, what a great effect you got, it looks like the owl is sitting in a really dark&spooky forest (maybe forest of Sleepy Hollow lol)BRAVO!

  3. great shot and lucky to see it! I really like the b/w image ! you have really good eyes to have spotted this guy :) cheers, debi

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