Thursday thoughts with Torrey — 27 Comments

  1. I love the way your mom took the pictures of the flowers and then all the closer and close ups. Sometimes coming back to the heat and stuff you don’t really like makes you appreciate the different places. That is why I like the seasons. The neighbors kept two of the puppies from the mama dog they had. They were raised with bottles after the mama doggie was killed in the road. Now these cute puppies one boy and one girl are running loose. The other two of the littler found new homes. Reggie and Ollie would love to go play with them. Our white new zealand rabbit is getting big and we found out she is a girl. Girl rabbits have a dewlap under there chin to store up fat when they have babies. There will be no baby rabbits unless a Mr rabbit comes a hopping

  2. Wow, the flowers have gone wild! They are glorious, and your photos of them are wonderful. Keep having fun up high, Roxy, and avoid the crowds and heat!

  3. Beautiful – just like a painting… Roxy you look so lovely prancing about the flowery meadow.. here is a little two line poem I made for you…

    Roxy, Roxy How do you do?
    Those are lovely flowers, just like you!


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