Thursday thoughts with Torrey — 29 Comments

  1. It looks like something out of one of those scarey movie’s Torrey, you get to see some wonderful places with your traveling, we would love to just pack up and do that :) xx00xx

  2. That poem was great. About that swamp creature thing…………hummmmmmmm??????? Maybe the hair of an old Mermaid who got a hair cut.. Maybe An old Hawaiian skirt somebody wore jogging and the wind came out of nowhere and blew it off. Maybe its An old witch broom from when the witch was flying to high and crashed into the tree. Who knows but Mom should get a sample next time .

  3. Wow Torrey you get two days in a row…WTG! We loved Roxy’s limerick and thought it fit her perfectly…Cypress trees don’t have furry bark like that, they’re smooth…there are some palm trees with fuzzy bark but to me that looks more like shredded coconut fibers…which of course they can’t be…it’s truly a puzzlement
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