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Thursday thoughts with Torrey — 40 Comments

  1. Now that is a great thing! The only better thing would be if it had an alarm on it too! Here in the US we never wait outside stores because mom is too worried. In Germany we used to wait outside the bakery often but they are small and she could always see us. We also worry about people poisoning us when mom is out of sight. Sad world that we live in sometimes.

  2. Hey Torrey wouldn’t it be better for mom to teach you to growl and bare your teeth if there is stranger danger. She should leave you tied up without the lock and have someone who you didn’t know see if you would be aggressive if they tried to take you away. OR>>>> I say start a revolution that you can take dogs in any place you go! If they let kids in then pets should be able to go in on a leash. Kids sometimes should be on a leash. You are cute enough to steal but smart enough to bark, growl, bite if neccsary and you should be allowed into places with your good manners. Love Aunt Mary

  3. Wow, Torrey, that sounds like a wonderful idea…and you did a fabulous job of explaining how it works. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great review Torrey, I still wouldn’t leave either one of my dogs outside a store, lock or no lock. Besides the fact that someone with a pair of snippers could clip the lock, there is still a chance that someone could hurt your dog or claim your dog hurt them.

    And you do look really sad in the photo, I hope you got your walkies right after you posed so nicely. :-)

  5. It’s a great idea, but I’d forget the combination. Even in high school, I could never get combination locks to work for me. The concept is pawsome, though.

  6. Thanks so much for joining TNT. :)

    That is an interesting product. I can see it might be useful for someone who has to leave their dog unattended for a moment. I think I would stress over the combo though. I bet I would flash back to high school when I could not remember my locker combination to save my life! lol

  7. It’s a pretty interesting concept but I am too much of a worry-wort to leave my dog tied out with me gone. In a small town, you probably wouldn’t need it, and in a big city, it wouldn’t be enough……

  8. Oh Torrey…great review!! I am not sure about the lock idea though. I think Ma would be worried that someone would figure out a way to steal me despite the stupid lock. (She is a worry-wart.) Then there is, of course, the idea of having to remember yet another “code” – the combination to the lock – on top of all the other “codes” we have (passwords, usernames, etc.). BOL
    *high paws*

  9. Hi Roxy & Torrey! Thanks for stopping by today. Didn’t Oz do a great job with my limerick! I can get a little obsessive! BOL!
    Bailey & Hazel too

  10. Wow, someone really had a great idea. I don’t have need for that, since I live in a rural area and never walk my dogs to the store, but I can see where it might come in handy for those that do. I am a worry-wart like your Mom, and probably would never feel safe leaving my dog outside a store anyway, especially if I had to undo that combo lock when I came out!

  11. OMD! That is a fantastic product!!! I am going to go get one now. Our grocery store is within walking distance but I generally drive. I go to the store almost daily for groceries and because it has a drop off for USPS packages. But I feel guilty about walking without my dogs and I can’t take them because they can’t go into the store. This is a super-great idea!

  12. I think this is a great review and I think it might be a great tool for some people. I have friends who live in NYC who run into cafes all the time to grab a coffee. Me personally, would never, EVER leave my dogs outside. Thanks for the review though! Cute pic and hope you got your walk!!

  13. That wouldn’t fit Chester and Gretel’s small necks either. I can’t leave them outside of a store even for a minute anyway because they bark non-stop and annoy all of the passers by. Hey, at least I would know they are still out there :)

  14. This is a good product for people who are running to the store alot, especially in a city, and usually take their dog for a walk at the same time. Good honest review Roxy!

  15. We live within a 20 min walk of many shops, cafes, the post office, etc. I’d love to be able to walk with Rita to do my errands and leave her locked up outside – but even with a lock, I still don’t trust people. Plus she is NERVOUS girl, so I know she would not like it if I disappeared in to the store and she couldn’t see me. I feel guillty walking without her, so usually we go for our walks, then later I drive to run errands. It’s kinda frustrating, but I worry too much about her!

  16. Like so many here, we don’t ever leave our dogs tied up outside alone. However, some folks do and this would add some kind of security. Great review, Torrey!

  17. That’s a really interesting idea. Leaving us doggies outside shops is so risky, especially where we live. There are lots of reports of dog thefts so this could be a solution

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  19. Torrey, this sounds like a great idea. Thank you for reviewing! I’ve had a dog stolen from outside a small video store, when video stores used to be in existence. It’s such a devastating thing to happen. My dad sometimes walks with my dog to Jack in the Box, and leaves her tied in the shade, but always keeps an eye on her. I’ll look up how to get one of these!

    Thanks again!

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