Thursday thoughts with Torrey — 21 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing the color! And what a faithful dog – waiting so patiently. Amazing what humans will cart home, isn’t it :-)

  2. Have you seen any horned toads? Reggie almost killed our rabbit the other day. Mike and I were out playing with the dogs in the back and didn’t realize cotton was under the trailer. She ran and that was all Reggie needed to chase the poor rabbit almost to death! Ollie stayed still and watched with me in horror as I was yelling Reggie I will kill you! Get back here you @!$*)_!!^&*)! Dumb Reggie! Call the Dog Whisperer!

  3. I share your mom’s interest in rocks, Torrey. I’ve found some unusual specimens during hikes, my favorite was a big sparkling hunk of pink quartz. And I agree with her evaluation of “cities” – I don’t like them either, I’d rather be hiking any day! All the photos of you are beautiful (how can they not be with you as the subject?!), but we love that first one! :D
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  4. Oh I love Thursday’s Thoughts with Torrey, that you called it the big shitty, that the photo says “the little dog laughed” (perfect caption by the way) all the beautiful photos and that you joined the blog hop!! Thank you so MUCH!!

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