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Thursday thoughts with Torrey — 43 Comments

  1. That is great that you get your own blog day, how fun! Love your photos and you are so good looking too :)

  2. How nice of Roxy to so generously give you a whole day of the week to blog! I’m sure you have many interesting and fun things to say, and I’m looking forward to reading all about them.

  3. Congratulations on your new posting day and I like the name very much! Heading over to vote now…Best wagging luck!

  4. What an awesome idea. I love the title…very catchy and the photo…very sage. How do I vote? Do I just leave a comment under your photo saying I vote for your photo? It’s lovely.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed your “Thursday Thoughts”, Torrey….will be looking forward to reading more! The photos are all beautiful…what a nice place to walk. I also went over and voted in the photo contest. Good luck to your Mom!

  6. I love the idea of Thursday Thoughts with Torrey! You’re so beautiful, Torrey. One day a week just isn’t enough. ;) Awesome photo graph of the water scene. I’m trying to vote but the website is stuck in loading.

  7. Fantastic pictures. What a neat opportunity you have to see your eagle friend and wonderful scenes in nature in your own back yard. A lot of people take these things for granite. Your mom does a great job with pictures so we get to have a virtual trip right along with you. I think Thursday should be your day for the blog. Your a good rep for the job. I wish you could find an eagle feather. Spring is springing forth! Daylight savings time is soon. Maybe Mom could do a video next time. OX

  8. Yay! Torrey gets her own day to blog, you are so gorgeous! And seem very mature I might add, not like that cute but annoying little sister you got always yapping yapping, I have enough of that with Kirby! (XD JK) No but really though glad we get to see and learn more about you!

  9. First, condogulations on getting your very own day Torrey! We voted for your momz photo. The photo above with all the lakeside grasses is wonderful…it looks more like a painting than a photo

    Momz went to your travel blog hop page to enter a new link but it says that the list is no longer available and the linky tool has expired :( Are you going to keep it going throughout the year? I hope you do

  10. First, thanks Gizmo for voting, and liking the other photos. Yes, we set the linky up to last all year. Mom is looking into the problem. Hopefully they will fix it. Thanks so much for letting us know!!

  11. Oh, I love those photos… the one showing the crack in the ice looks almost like a painting! I’ll vote for your photo! Its so pretty!

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