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Too busy for mischief — 36 Comments

  1. Well, I hope you have fun on your next adventure. Can’t imagine your parents never being away from each other. Mine are never together :) They must really make a great pair! A little time away will only make the heart grow fonder…I know that is true when mom leaves us sometimes!

  2. How exciting! So many new adventures to experience and report on. Can’t wait to hear all about them. Torrey and Roxy…take good care of your momma.

  3. You guys are going to have a blast. People will love seeing your little doggie faces and you will be a hit. When Mom and Dad get back together there will be a lot of smooching!

  4. Now that sounds like an adventure! I bet your Mom will miss your Dad but I bet she’ll have some fun too!

  5. There is always time for mischief :)

    Wow, never been apart in 7 years? Good thing you are there to help out!

  6. Wow you have SO much going on Roxy…Make sure to be extra sweet to Mom while Dad is gone…She’s gonna need some special snoogles from you and Torrey…sounds like you’re getting ready for a wonderful Summer of adventures and I hope you take us all along with you…That wooden chest is beautiful…Your Dad must have made that one…Have a great Monday

  7. Too busy for Mischief????? That’s no fun at all! I hope your mom and dad survives the time apart….I think it makes my parents grouchy when they don’t spend time together!


  8. Roxy – sounds like a LOT of excitement going on at your place and many adventures in the coming weeks – can’t wait to hear all about them. It’s probably good to rest up.

  9. Wow, never a night apart?! Well, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for ya! I was sitting here rather shocked because I know that Roxy’s small but today, sitting next to Torrey wow…Roxy just looks really tiny! What a pair of cuties you have with that pair!!! Can’t wait to hear about your adventure!

  10. Have always wanted to check out Jackson Hole. Have fun! (At least I am not the only one missing out on Blog Paws… Hopefully next year!)

    I hate when my hubs is gone. At least I still have Rita in the bed, but it’s not the same! I want both of them in the bed!

  11. You guys are very patient to just wait and not get up to mischief?

    I’m sure you’ll do a great job of looking after your Mom, that’s awesome they’ve managed not to be apart for one night in 7 years! :)

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  12. 2 weeks without your dad?!? wowie. well, keep yourself busy taking care of your mom and your dad will there before you know it :)
    i will be looking forward to reading about jackson hole and especially the “places beyond”!

  13. I am thoroughly jealous. I LOVE Jackson Hole! Oh how I wish I could go with you guys. I hope you have an awesome time!

  14. The first time being separated is the hardest, after that it gets a little easier. :-) I bet you guys have fun!!

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