Watching a Great Gray Owl Hunt — 13 Comments

  1. Stunning capture, Mary; clear and vivid are his eyes that pierce right through the photo. AWESOME!

  2. I love owls and I wish I had one. but they are no pets, so I rather watch them via your blog… somehow my wish was granted and a screech owl lives on the attic of our garage… the nightly concerts of “my” Owliver are priceless :o)
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  3. Magnificent photos, Mary! I can imagine the time and patience it took to capture such great shots. We used to find those pellets when hiking – they were a mass of tightly wound and compacted hair and bones, mostly – all the undigestable parts of the critter. (There was a different term used for them, but I can’t remember it now.) Sounds gross, but they weren’t, they were actually pretty fascinating.
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