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  1. Mary, the craftsmanship here is jaw-dropping impressive! The hardware as well is like no other, rough hewn and one of a kind. It is refreshing to see men work with their hands, head AND heart. LOVELY!

  2. Love, love, love the stairs!

    I think you’ll find that life on the ‘upper’ west coast has a lot of charms. Being used to so much sun the winter rain may take a bit of adjustment, but there is a particular kind of beauty that will provide many photo ops for you :-)
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    • I bit of an adjustment may be an understatement. LOL I’m excited to get out and take photos. Today looks clearish, so I will be out and about for sure.

  3. Wow, the railing and staircase look beautiful. Lovely woodwork. I have been on a few of the Washington Ferries, they are so well run. I hope you and the dogs enjoy your new home, sounds nice so far! Happy Tuesday!

  4. If you do decide you want to get off of Vashon while you\’re up here, is a great site for finding information on hikes (and finding hikes that allow dogs). (Cedar Butte is one of my favorites). Mt St. Helens and Mt Rainier are both day trips, and over on the Olympic peninsula is a rain forest .

  5. I’ll have to check that out. I may be more inclined to take the ferry to Southworth, than Seattle. I really want to see the Olympic NP. We will do that together though. Right now, there seems to be some places to explore here.
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  6. That railing and staircase is stunning. Talk about talented craftsmanship… WOW! Glad you made it onto the island and can get settled in for awhile. Ferry crossings always make me nervous with the RV.
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  7. Welcome to Vashon! I am Mary and Mike Hogue’s friend, and I live on this rock! I am due east of the Eagles, as the crow flies.
    I’d love to meet you, maybe show you around this island. There are some lovely trails here. Feel free to email me at this address.
    Karen Fuller

  8. Those stairs and railing are incredible!

    I feel for you and your Seattle sojourn. We have driven through Seattle a few times without the RV and it was one of the worst driving experiences ever (and we are from a big city). When we had the RV with us we stayed on the outskirts and never pulled it through the city. I think this island option is probably the best you can get for the area.
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  9. I really hope you enjoy your time in the land of wet even if it wouldn’t be your normal choice for yourself. I’m sure you’ll get some amazing pics. I’m hoping to see a whale on your blog.

    BTW, I think I’m going to have to show Mike the pics of the house. It’s just too gorgeous not to. But you have to promise me that if he call asking Al for a job that he’ll say no. :)
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  10. That staircase truly is a work of art. It’s gorgeous. I can only imagine how beautiful the rest of the home is from what I can see around the staircase. I’m glad the island experience has started off on a positive note; I hope you have a wonderful time there and enjoy many new adventures!

  11. You drove through my neighborhood to get the the ferry and I can see your island! I love that little ferry ride (but my car is very small.) I used to work on Vashon and have had many friends there. It is like the country right next to the city. All the islands are like that. Enjoy your stay!

  12. Riding the Washington state ferries on a sunny day is one of my favorite things in this world. The staircase project is absolutely stunning…I would love to share out your story and images to those who follow me here in Washington if that would be something you’d like to do.

  13. When I was there in September we went to West Seattle. Be sure and check it out, it’s very Venice Beach like and you can walk along the beach but some areas dogs can’t go on the beach (bummer). And there are some outdoor cafes you can eat at with the dogs. Anyway, we watched the ferries from there you are on going to Vashon or Bainbridge. It’s a beautiful area wait until you get your first glimpse of the Oylmpias. I hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to hearing all about it! Are you going to connect with Jessica Williams? Sandra
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    • I actually spent the afternoon with Jessica, it was a wonderful visit. We drove through West Seattle to get to the ferry. I probably won’t take the truck to West Seattle though.

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