Wild Year for Wild Flowers — 21 Comments

  1. Oh, you bet our flowers are going crazy and WE are going crazy as well over them! The peonies, my goodness, we are having a peony fever going around! Lovely Mary. LOVELY!

  2. No….we haven’t had any of our flowers go crazy this year…in fact some of them didn’t even bloom. We are thinking that the strange up and down temps we have had may have had something to do with it! These photos you have taken are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! LOVE!!

  3. I can’t say there are any more flowers than normal here, but they’re all looking very healthy. I love your photos – every photo I looked at I thought “Oooo, that’s my favorite!” but now they’re all my favorites!! LOL The nearly transparent petals on the first flower are stunning, I’m always amazed at how hardy such delicate looking flowers can be. And that last flower – WOW! I really love that.
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  4. We’re currently at the Tetons (staying at Gros Ventre) and the flowers are everywhere. I’m in love!

    • I don’t know what the last one is. I have tried to find it with google with no success. I don’t know what the pink one in the desert is either. I can’t find them.

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