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  1. Boy those critters are beautiful and look comfortable in their element and season. Your subjects seem very happy to have their photos taken. Good traveling! Happy travels!

  2. Good glory, Mary….I am crying here. There is nothing like nature to bring me closer to my soul. Where do I begin? Those white bison are magical. I have always been intrigued by white animals and all the pets I’ve ever had where white. The little baby is soooooo darling.

    THEN….the horses. OK, this is my favorite animal of all time. All time.

    That Percheron is fantastic. They are gentle giants, no? I’d have to get on a ladder to pet his head. teeeehee

    Then there are the mottled horses. I adore these, and they almost have a “smile” on their muzzles that enchants me. I must remember however, to approach a horse with calm and cool, and pet allow them to trust me first. I just want to rush into their faces and squeeze them! teeehee

    I love how you capture nature. Have you ever submitted your photos to a nature magazine? YOU SHOULD! And to see you in the horse’s eye, that is awesome.

    Thank you so much for coming to my post. As much as I love the grandeur of the City of Lights, my heart belongs to nature. Anita

    • Anita, I always love when you visit my blog. You are always so kind. The horses where fabulous, and those two gray percherons stole the show for me. These horses are all raised in such a way that they love people, and are so nice. I have never submitted my photos, maybe some day I will.
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      • Mary! Good morning! I am barely coming to my email; I had a magical day with my husband out in the snow and in the city.

        Mary, those horses, just like children, non? When they are raised in a kind manner to trust, they give back kindness! This summer, I went to our huge and very wonderful State Fair here in St. Paul. I was fortunate to “meet” two draft horses from the Minnesota Zoo. They were so huge and loving. Then I bonded with another fellow names Skeeter. I petted him for about an hour, and he lowered his head and got close, just wanting more. WOW, to feel the trust and need for love from a huge beast like that…it changes you!

        And…I think you should try submitting your photos to a nature magazine. The way you are able to capture the animals in motion with no blurriness (That would be me), is an art. You capture the emotion and moment and really, you should try, just for fun!

        Enjoy your Sunday, Mary! Thanks again for the kind words! Anita

  3. God I envy you Mary. Such incredible beauty, and you get to see it nearly every single day. Your photography is incredible. You captured the buffalo perfectly. I love the snow shot (who knew it curled down like that?) and the horses. The two together was so cute.

    Thank you for your card by the way. It was gorgeous. I sure hope we can meet up someday. You are such an amazing person.
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