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Win a front seat protector — 39 Comments

  1. You need protection for your car with kids or pets thats for sure. When it comes to our car we really need protection. One dog has the sharpest nails and the other often has an upset tummy and loses some of his tummy contents on the seat. I purchased some cheap TV brand at Wallmart that didn’t hold up in the washing maching after one washing. They were made from canvas with a plastic coating on back that wore off in one machine washing/ line dry the manufacturer recommended. They also had a strange smell. I would like to win these amazing looking covers for my car or truck seats. Its neat you get to choose your color to. Thanks Roxy the traveling dog blog, and thanks auto anything.com

  2. Ooo, this would be very nice for my dog agility “ride”! Thanks for the give-away!

  3. I would use the gray color in my car for Sampson, he loves to sit in the front seat and while I typically discourage this, he does sometimes ride shotgun.

    I might change my mind and go with the tan because Sampson usually rides in the front in Hubby’s jeep, and tan would definitely go better.

    As you can see, either color would be perfect for us. :-)

  4. i would take the gray. i need this b/c my youngest dog gets car sick so this would be great so i dont have to put towels everywhere.her name is harley

  5. Charlie would love a grey one so that I can reclaim my front seat instead of just having a big pile of dog hair!

  6. I need this less to protect my seats and more to provide Gretel and Chester traction. I would want the tan to match the interior of my car.

  7. Don’t forget to buckle up and disable the passenger airbag before you hit the road! An intact seat is not important if the dog is hurt or killed in an accident.

  8. Nice seat cover but don’t forget to buckle up and disable the passenger airbag if your pup is going to ride in that seat. An intact seat is not important if your pup is hurt or killed in an accident.

  9. My pup Harley loves to sit up in the front with me while I drive. But he shreds like a maniac and I need to keep my seat clean. So I would love a spiffy seat cover in whatever color! :)

  10. I was going to go with the grey, because my car is grey; but I really like the warm tan color. I’d get a few of them :)

    Thanks for this great giveaway. We have three dogs and two vehicles and live in the Pacific Northwest (muddy paws) – this is going to help out a lot!

  11. I would like the grey to go with my black Subaru Baja, Dolly and Chiquita embed their fur in my seats :( and a front seat protector would make me smile : )

  12. My dog, Kona, always leaves hair everywhere in the car! I would pick tan so the hair blends in ;)

  13. We lost all the blogs we follow today. (We use the Google Reader) Fortunately after not being able to see all the blogs we follow all day today, they came back tonight.

    We just re-subscribed! :)

    Have a nice weekend!

  14. I’d choose the gray as it would match the inside of my car. I have two long haired dogs who shed a LOT- especially my older girl as she gets more nervous in the car and kinda blows her coat.

  15. What a great idea. Much more attractive and effective than a big beach towel or a bed sheet, that’s for sure. I’d love to have one of these for my Pierre.

  16. I would like the Grey one, and I have 4 dogs: Rozy, Buster, Junebug, and Adrianne.

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