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Wordless Wednesday — 31 Comments

  1. Roxy, your mom is full of it! My big sister Katie licks her paws all the time and she is definitely not a cat! You are cute and adorable and should be able to lick your paws when you want to :)

  2. 9’11 today makes you think about all the good things we have in life and the bad. Glad we have you Roxy.and you to Torrey and your Mom and Dad. Hugs

  3. You certainly aren’t the only one to lick your paws, Boomer and Dottie do it too, usually it’s an allergy thing but sometimes it’s just a needed cleaning.

  4. Your Mom could not resist your cuteness for long, Roxy! Both my girls, beagle and golden retriever, lick their paws. Though they were brought up with cats, so they may have learned it from them! :)

  5. Oh, Roxy – I bet your mom notices the cuteness that is YOU every darn day. Probably every hour. How could she not!? But as for the paws – no, Rita doesn’t do that. Hope they aren’t itchy! Do they taste good?

  6. Well, I certainly lick mine each evening. I went through a bout when I could not stop and they turned MAROON! They did a test and found out I had an over production of yeast which meant wheat allergies. I stopped eating bites of plain pasta, or bites of pizza or anything that was even floured with wheat. And ta-da – no more maroon nails and no more constant licking. I am now an occasional evening licker. AND – get this – I am not a cat. WOOF!

  7. I think it’s only a cat thing if you wash your face with your paws after you lick them. That beaded collar you’re wearing accentuates your cuteness quite nicely!


  8. Mom couldn’t have just discovered your cuteness today! :P Donna licks her paws too… especially when she walks in places with ants after we tell her not to!!

  9. I lick my paws, I got a bit obsessive wiff me back one, it got a bit sore. I can’t leave a comment on Thursday with Torrey, there is no comment box. I did like your furcut.. Your Mom did a better job than mine would..Bawahwhhahwa xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  10. Hey Roxy,

    I lick and tug at my paws when my paws when I get something stuck in them. But right now I’m trouble for licking the top of my paw and making it sore! Doh!

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

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