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Wordless Wednesday – Chillin’ in the sun — 66 Comments

  1. Lovely photo! Don’t tell Roxy this, but there’s something about her pose in the photo that reminds me of a cat I used to have… :-)

  2. That looks like the perfect sunny spot for a nice cozy nap! Happy WW and Kisses from Daisy!!!

  3. healing rays make my day. Laying by your best friend or out to play. Sunshine makes everything better; LLB (love, laughter, and barking).

  4. My dogs long ago discovered the secret of sharing body heat for cozy winter days. They even include the cat.

  5. We’ve had some sun here the last few days. Of course Chester and Gretel lay in the tiny sunbeam on the rug. They can’t both fit but they try so it is funny.

  6. Looking nice and toasty. We are a few weeks away from getting sun through our window. Can’t wait to soak in the sun again.

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