10 Must Have Dog Products for Summer Fun — 10 Comments

  1. Hello everyone! I love the shoes/boots I see dogs AND horses wearing these days!

  2. Mom says the Umbilical Belt is her favorite product ever. Love that backpack with Roxy in it. So cute!

  3. Summer is so much fun, and even more so when you have the right gear! They all sound like great products. We also have and love the Ruffwear Front Range Harness, and Luke’s Outward Hound backpack.

  4. Dogs are basically wearing a fur coat 24/7, and shaving your dog isn’t the best option for all breeds. Whether you have access to the ocean, a lake or just backyard, give your dog some options for cooling down when the temperature keeps rising.

  5. I love many of the same products as you do. Ruffwear makes such great stuff, and I keep hearing about the Clickit dog seat belt. We have older ones… but some day….

  6. Oh! My! doG! Foxy looks soooo adorable in the backpack!! I wish I’d had one back when my sweet poodle, Kissy, was still with me! Oh well. Those boots look great for doggie feet! Maybe one day I’ll get a pair for Ducky – and for Shadow – are they waterproof? I still have the backpacks from when Callie and Shadow were young, but haven’t used them in years. Callie’s first CCL surgery made it too difficult for her to walk with the extra weight; and in the summer months around here it just gets too hot anyway. (Thank goodness for the shade in the backyard!)

    Lots of great-looking products – thanks for sharing!

  7. How awesome! I have a seatbelt for Beaumont but I think this one looks even more secure and safe! thank you.

    And Torrey and Roxy are so darn cute! :)

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