13 Luxurious Pet-Friendly Hotels — 4 Comments

  1. WOO HOOO! My city of Minneapolis tops this list of hotels that take in our four-footed friends. I don’t live too far from this area (it’s really gorgeous) and our city loves nature and dogs. We have tons of parks and dog parks so our fur-iends can enjoy life here too.

    Have a great weekend, Mary! Anita

  2. Oh I wish I could stay in such a hotel once…. I bet that’s much better than the howltel-booth of Norman Bates momma we visited once :o)

  3. I will need to find a pet friendly place to stay in a few months for my Dads little doggie. WE need to make a two day trip on his way back home. By the way she bit my big dogs!She is the size of Roxy but a little longer. Chawennie is what she is.

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