50 Happy Things-Bloggers unite in flood of gratitude — 18 Comments

  1. your nieces are right, you are awesome :o) and it’s great tio travel with you and to see the special things through your cam we often miss to notice :o) many thanks

  2. Good morning Mary!
    This is SUCH a great idea…no matter what writing prompt we use and to matter what end, it is always a good practice to write. We actually discover MORE as we write. One famous writer once said that she never knew what she was going to write about until after she started to write. But gratitude especially needs to practice for what you are going to say; it truly is a FLOOD that takes over once you start.

    BLESSINGS abound and oh that Roxy and Torry….dearest little creatures!

    Have a super duper fabulous day as we lead up to 2016! Anita

    • Writing is that way for me a lot. So many people talk about planning, blog posts, and figuring them out. I sit down, think about what’s been going on, and write. It’s worked so far.

  3. Good morning, what a great idea! We all have many things to be grateful for. I will have to try this too. Your photos are beautiful. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  4. What a wonderful idea and exercise! It’s a great thing to do to cap off the year, and especially if we are feeling down about something and need to remind ourselves of all the wonderful things in life.
    And of course, you have such a beautiful photos to illustrate yours!

  5. Lovely idea. You and I share a lot of things in common that make us happy and that we’re grateful for. Love the pics, I don’t think I’ve seen the one with the sunset reflected in your camper, that’s awesome!

  6. Such a great list Mary. I was going to do this too, but never got around to it. I have another post planned before the year ends. Maybe I’ll save for New Years Day. :)

  7. Oh I’m so glad you brought this to my attention and I’ve loved reading your answers!

    I’d like to take a minute to let you know I’m grateful for your friendship and for the beautiful photos you share with us.

  8. A simply awesome list. Thank you so much for telling me about this – I did it today, and it was a wonderful exercise.

    To echo Jodi, I’m extremely grateful for your friendship and for the chance to see the world through your eyes. <3

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