8 Photos of happiness — 25 Comments

  1. I always enjoy your photos and these 8 are just fantastic. Great choices! Happy Monday!

  2. many thanks for sharing such wonderful and happy moments with me. That are the reasons to be happy,I so agree… the one you love, dogs, friends and a special little spot what’s made for you :o)

  3. Good morning Mary! WOW. First of all, when you mentioned your life with Al and how both of you wished you’d have met earlier in life, I had to think how lucky I am to have met my husband 35 years ago. For some wonderful reason out there in the big blue sky, we found each other early in our lives and we’ve been happy since. But the love you have now has no time frame on it, does it! Like you said, it feels like forever, and when happiness enters your life, time is erased. NOW FOR THAT HILARIOUS ROXY! teehehee….she looks like she’s posing!

    What a life you lead. Anyone who is happy is doing something right, whether they are travelers such as you, or someone living in an apartment in the Bronx, or in a simple house in Minneapolis. If we feed our passions and try to make the world a better place, then happiness is a given.


    • You are lucky to have 35 wonderful years with your hubby, we are making up for lost time though. We know we are pretty lucky to live this life, and that we can actually make enough money on our own to support the life we want to live. And ya, Roxy is a hoot most of the time.

  4. with all of the 1000s of photos that you take, that are all fabulous, I can imagine how hard it had to be to zero in on just eight! But…you did an amazing job of choosing. These are ALL incredible! I LOVE that photo of YOU taking a photo. That is just too cool, but I love them ALL!

  5. Just looking at your photos makes me feel happy inside!

    They are all so beautiful. One of the things that makes me happy is having connected with you here in cyberland! I get to see the beauty of your world everytime I visit. How delightful.

  6. I smile every time I read your posts, Mary, so you’re spreading your happiness and joyful life with many others. I love the life you all lead and I’m so happy to follow along in your journey.

  7. Hey Mary that was a great happy story today with great pictures. So glad your loving your path your on together. Your tenasity for the search of that perfect photo and quest for a life of travel with your beloved its so refreshing. Keep on your journey as long as you can on this happy trail. Nobody is getting out alive; so enjoy while you can and make many memories.

  8. I’m happy for you and Al that you found each other. You may not have as much quantity as some people but you definitley have the quality! Great photos! Especially love that one of Roxy. So adorable.

  9. Thank you, Mary for sharing these beautiful photos of happiness! Wonderful selections, made me smile. :)

  10. Awe, thank you for thinking of me. I seem to share similar ‘favorite places’… the desert in AZ and the mountains in Colorado. I think next year I need to check out your summer home in the Tetons. Your photos are top notch and no surprise people are willing to pay to have one of your or Al’s piece of stunning art in their homes.

  11. You are very lucky to really be living the life you want to live and to be so happy. So many people never find their true place in life.

  12. Hi Mary! Yes, we are very lucky, all four of us (you and Al, me and Ruben) for having found one another at just the right time. AND THAT ROXY GIRL! Give her a squeeze, and Torry too!

  13. OMG I must have had a brain blip – I didn’t realize you’d tagged me until a couple people visited my blog and mentioned it! Thanks so much, Mary! :)

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