A beadwork sunset — 18 Comments

  1. MARY, MARY!!!!! at this new one is wickedly Fantastic, superduper! Your’e juse getting sooooooooooooo way out there in your designs, Bravo! Al’s beading designs are amazing to. You two are dynamite together. The one strike a lite bag in first row on the right of screen is my favorite of his. The colors especailly.

  2. Beautiful. I still want that item we chatted about, but right now finances are tight. Don’t think I forgot about it though. :-)

  3. that sunset one is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
    I love your work! You are extremely creative!!!
    I was thinking of my travelling pals yesterday when I did my product review! haha !
    A company that specializes in travel gear for dogs! BOL! Thanks for sharing your pawsome beading with us!
    ((husky hugz))

  4. If I get this temp job I’m up for I’m going to get that wall hanging… what a lovely piece of art it would be for our motor home (that is getting closer and closer to becoming reality!) I am absolutely in love with the piece.

  5. That is such an awesome idea! You are always sharing your sunset photos, so I guess they really are good inspiration. It’s so unique… Love it!

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