A Day Trip in Yellowstone National Park — 6 Comments

  1. Go in October. I used to go thru Yellowstone to get to client companies in Wyoming and Montana. There was snow on the ground, many things/facilities are closed but it is silent, peaceful and of course beautiful!

  2. Hello, they are so right when they say our parks are loved to death. Yellowstone and the Tetons are my favorite parks, I can only imagine how the crowds are now. Love the photos, the canyon and waterfalls are gorgeous. Enjoy your day and weekend ahead.

  3. Mom won’t go to those places either because of all the people. She doesn’t have anxiety, but she can’t stand crowds of people, waiting to park, etc. You got some beautiful photos, and good thing you were there early. Tourists can be very rude. Mom knows after being a flight attendant for eleven years, she has seen a lot.

  4. Absolutely stunning, beautiful photos! I’d love to see all that in person some day; but like you, I don’t like crowds. (Especially crowds who are rude and unappreciative of the beauty around them.) Maybe one day – preferably in the autumn – I’ll get to go.

  5. Oh gosh… that sounds horrible. We were last in Yellowstone 10 yrs ago (in early May), and we thought that it was even crowded then (we camped outside the park, just going in during the day). And we didn’t run into quite the rudeness that you did.

    Your photos are absolutely spectacular. You captured the true beauty, without giving a hint of the ugliness among the tourists. I’m guessing that it was worth it but I’d be in Al’s camp and not going back for a long time! Is September better (usually)?

  6. There are just too darn many people in the world, that’s what I believe, and that ups the number of rude ones as well. Every place you go is crowded and it’s often impossible to really enjoy things. You can’t blame everyone for wanting to see that beauty, but it’s just too crazy! My hubby would be with Al, and refuse to go and deal with the crowds. Around our state and area if you want to go out to eat dinner? You have to plan on waiting an hour or more – and it’s not like there’s a shortage of restaurants! That’s all part of why we’re such homebodies.
    You got some amazing photos though, thanks so much for sharing them!

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