A Desert Tortoise — 12 Comments

  1. Who would think of finding a tortoise in the desert? I though they lived near water? The are cool to see.

  2. Love love love the b&w of Torrey! That tortoise was a fabulous find, I love the second pic where he seems to be looking at you like “What?! This is how we live here! …And wait til I tell the family about these two-legged things I saw!” ;)

  3. The tortoise is so cool! I love your other photos too, of course; especially Roxie in the pretty flowers….she looks so zen.

  4. I have a desert tortoise, but don’t worry, I didn’t steal him from the desert. He has yet to emerge from his burrow but the fact that you saw a wild one makes me think Pistachio will be making an appearance any day. I have always wanted to see a wild one. That’s amazing. About the one thing I remember reading about wild ones is to not bother or startle them as if they release their bladder it can mean death for them without a water source to replenish it.

    • I learned that when I read about them. So interesting. I’m quite certain this particular one is fine though, no people around here to bother him.

  5. Hello, what a great find. Thanks to Torrey! Love the tortoise photos and your cute dogs. Enjoy your day!

  6. The desert tortoise is SO cool. What a long time to live and an odd way of living! Thanks for sharing!

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