A Doggie Update — 30 Comments

  1. I LOVE DOGS. They are super intelligent, hilarious, great companions, and they teach us so much. I am glad to hear they are both doing great, and MISS ROXY, girl, keep kickin’…..I AM! teeeheee

  2. So good to hear they are both doing well.
    And of course, they remain beyond adorable.
    (You couldn’t have a better supervisor than Ms. Roxy!)

  3. That’s great they are both doing so well, and the issues they have seem to be under control. They both do look real happy!

  4. Hello, I am glad Torrey and Roxy are both doing well. They are so cute, great photos. Happy Wednesday!

  5. Dogs are the best! Sometimes, my heart aches just thinking about how much I love my Beaumont!

    Thanks for the update — love the slide photos! So cute. :)

  6. A question if you don’t mind. How did you get the diagnosis of a torn ACL…I mean what tests did the vet do? The reason I ask is that Polly gas had intermittent issues with her back leg, especially during side-to-side movements. I’m trying to figure out what to ask for at the vet, and whether to seek out a more specialist vet.


    • She did the initial injury in Washington. She came up limping after running and jumping. The vet on the island came to the house and did what I called, the wiggle test. Basically they manipulate the knee to see how tight the acl is. Hers was loose enough to say it was a partial tear. So any vet can check it. But dang, sounds like that may be her issue. Side to side is not good for a weak acl.

      • Hmm…well we’ve had 2 vets look at her so far including one that did a very extensive “wiggle” test. So far no-one could find anything or tell us what was wrong. Ah well…thanks for replying back.


  7. Thank you for sharing the great news, Mary! Your post brought me tears… We had two dogs, our King Charles cavalier was a sweetie; Evan was opposite, he wanted to be the lead dog, all the time. :)

  8. I am SO happy that Torrey was able to heal that bad knee. Sampson is still struggling with his, but I’m hoping to let him start getting in some stairs very soon.

  9. Yay for no surgery needed! And way to go getting on that slide, Boomer and Dottie wouldn’t be brave enough!

  10. You know that for us it’s all about the dogs! So happy to hear that Torrey is doing so well, and of course Roxy. Roxy is so adorable, mom will never forget her sitting on her lap. I know how to slide too it’s lots of fun! Thanks for sharing. Love Dolly

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