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A hummingbird story — 20 Comments

  1. Love the hummers! A very feisty bird, they certainly can battle over a feeder :-) Nice to see the pic of those little girls sharing.

  2. We have never seen hummingbirds up close…only in photos. They seem like such smart little birds…and they are super cute too! It’s amazing how everything in nature finds its way, even if it is just to a bird feeder.
    Have fun at BlogPaws!

  3. We just put our humming bird feeder out yesterday. We have a recipe we make without the coloring. Haven’t seen any hummers yet. I read that you should never use corn syrup to make the nectar. Hum I wonder why? The pictures are fantastic Mary. I once saw a humming bird nest with eggs. Minature size!

  4. Those are incredible photos!! Wow, wow and wow. That must be an amazing lens. I love watching the hummers. We heard the first ones about 10 days ago, and they are slowly showing up at our feeder. Perhaps we’ll take a feeder to Utah with us – I might get to see some species I’ve never seen before. Thanks for the great idea!

  5. We are totally amazed at those photos! I hope that your bird knows about your friends, he probably does but wanted to hog your spot and not share it! Love Dolly

  6. I think that little humming bird is really gonna miss you guys when you leave!

    Have a fab time at blogpaws! :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  7. Cool pictures. It is hard to get good pictures of hummingbirds. We have hummingbirds up by our cabin, but they are not back yet. Can’t wait to see them.

  8. Wow your photos are fantastic!! We had a feeder that we lost during one of our big storms and we did have a hummingbird show up there, but I don’t have a camera that could take that kind of picture! The best I can get is the feeder with a blur around it. ;-)

  9. Those are such awesome photos, Mary!! I love hummingbirds. My hubby just saw our first one of the season yesterday, so I need to get my feeders out. We almost never see more than one at a feeder though…they always seem to chase each other off!

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