A little bit of down time — 14 Comments

  1. Absolutely LOVE the eye candy in this post Mary! Your husband is such an amazing artist! Glad you picked up a new account! Yay!

    Happy Wednesday! Enjoy that beautiful site!!

  2. I love the horses too, awesome shot! The first scene with the mountain in the background is beautiful. And I love the Waxwing! Lovely images, enjoy your day!

  3. it’s a wonderful place you found… and it is totally worth to store all the beautiful things around you in a painting :o)

  4. So funny, we saw the first photo and Mom said it looked more like a painting. Then we saw the second photo of “the painter” in action. Another beautiful place!

  5. I put your blog on my timeline today so everyone that I tell about it can see and link up for more. I brag about you guys to everyone. You should have that photo framed of Al painting that scene and frame it and have him carve a something on the frame to go with it like that bird with a bug in its mouth, and maybe a tree. I’ve been seeing everyone using that chalk paint on stuff they refinish. Maybe I could try some on a gourd. ( Like a bird feeder) Do you think you could be asked to do some custom pictures (photos)if asked by some rich clients. Maybe of their pets. Well have a relaxing time. Watch out for beavers.

  6. What a wonderful spot. I can see why you’re revisiting it.

    Glad to hear your weekend show went well. Maybe the horses will become your new muse. :)

  7. I’ve missed your photos during my blogging absence! They’re gorgeous as always (love that yellow tip on the waxwing’s tail) and I’m so glad you did well at the show. Another wholesale account! Congratulations!! :D

  8. What a beautiful and photos.
    I love cedar waxwings too. We usually only see them in the trees eating berries, never at the water. Though recently we’ve had a lot of wild strawberries and they spent a lot of time on the ground too, which was different.

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