A Morning with Bald Eagles — 11 Comments

  1. WOW. I have such a long way to go before I can even capture a creature as such….your lens and eyes are magic, Mary.

  2. Beautiful shots. The one of the claws sure looks scary. Can’t imagine having such a thing land on me…it would be painful!

  3. I’ve been seeing these pictures on your IG account and I couldn’t wait to get over here and check them out! Oh! These are amazing. One day I really want to capture a Bald Eagle just like you have!

  4. Absolutely stunning! Your pictures of wildlife are breathtaking. You sure know how to capture the scenery and bring it to life for your viewers and readers. Thanks for sharing this stately bird! I look forward to checking out the moose in the next post! :-)

  5. Mary, those photos are amazing! The detail…and those talons are rather scary. I wouldn’t want to mess with that guy! :)

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