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  1. Oh Mary, there is so much to say here.

    Well, I get pretty emotional over horses, but on this day especially, when I remember my mom, who died 30 years ago, the tears are welling up. When I see the gentleness of mothers in the wild such as with horses, I miss the gentleness of my mother. She was such an angel, always watching over me, providing for me with the work of her hands. Even while she laid there in bed with tubes in her nose and riddled with cancer, she created gifts for me and cared for MY welfare. When I arrived in Los Angeles to see her while I lived in Boston, I’ll never forget the evening I saw her for the first time in this altered state. The first thing she said to me was, “Hello M’hija (sweetheart), I have something for you in the closet.” It was a brown paper bag, and inside was a little plastic doll that my aunt had told me my mother had bought one day when she asked my aunt to drive her to the five and dime. She crocheted a little hat and coat; I stood there and broke down in tears as I saw a huge amount of generosity, even in her state of pain……

    As for these photos, my goodness Mary, you know how I feel about your photography, but these horse photos have an emotional quality to them that add an extra element to your work. The perfect moments you snap, such as the content look of mother (that closed eye, so cute), and the loving attention the mare is giving her little one….again, make the book. I’ll be RIGHT THERE to buy it.

    • Anita, your mom sounds like a wonderful and caring woman that you lost way too soon. Memories, and emotions are the link we have to those in our past, and nothing can take that away. Watching these wild horse moms, I can feel the love they have for the little ones. It’s just a matter of capturing that.

  2. Great Mother’s Day shots. You have a unique gift for capturing treasured moments. Happy Mothers Day.

  3. Wow, wow and wow. I just had my husband look at your photos, and his first question was, “Where are they? I want to go.” I looked for your map, and I didn’t see it. Ah well. We’ll get to see wild horses and baby pronghorns someday!!!! If nothing else, we’ll see them in your amazing photos.

    I sure hope that Al is feeling better.

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