A murder of ravens — 19 Comments

  1. You do always find something interesting to photograph Mary. The power of those thundering horses coming right at ya is breath taking. I’m having a sleepless night. 3:43 am here in Utah right now. Been up for an hour.

  2. the horses look great like the horses in Belinda Carlisles song :o) I agree with you ravens are super interesting birds. a classmate had a raven once, this bird was amazing and I sometimes thought he understands every word. he also was a thief, but he only grabbed useless things, so no chance to get rich that way :o)

  3. I had difficulty this morning getting into your blog, but I’m sure glad I finally made it in! A MURDER! There are some pretty interesting collective nouns out there, like a POSSE of turkeys, which is what we have roaming around here in the city!

    That raven in the tree is remarkable, Mary. AND THE HORSES? I can never, ever get enough of them. That last one with the brown horse in the forefront, ears pinned all the way back: TERROR on hooves! Gorgeous beauty, awesome danger from a nice, safe distance!

  4. Ravens are fascinating creatures. I’ve read that scientists believe they may have a collaborative relationship with wolves.

    Glad to see you have so much inspiration in your surroundings.

  5. Love all the photos, but especially those ravens. My grandma told me they bring good news from the other side :-)

  6. Always thought a “murder” of ravens was such a great phrase. Fabulous photo with the erie yellow tone to it. I think ravens are fascinating, and so smart, although I’m not particularly fond of them. It’s a bird eat bird world out there.

  7. I’m so glad this wasn’t an article about target practice with all those ravens lined up on the fence. ;) It’s such a captivating image and I bet it was amazing to see that in person. Just beautiful. :)

  8. I did not know they were called a murder. We have a few of them around us and they are noisy little things. But they’ve moved to another area of the neighborhood, and that makes me happy~ LOL

  9. Very cool photos! I can see why you never put your camera down…there is no end to the fascinating subjects. I wonder why they call it a “murder”?

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