A rather busy week — 23 Comments

  1. I absolutely love flower photos with raindrops! Perfect pictures Mary!! It truly is amazing how good pictures come out today with cell phone cameras!! Hope all is well…I can tell you are hard at work!

  2. Good gracious, that sky Mary, PERFECT! And thank you for following me on Instagram….I just opened the account to share my Carmel photos with a dear friend….my photos on there are not great because I have to first learn how to use my tablet as a camera! You are kind…Anita

  3. So pretty Mary! I think you did just fine with your cell phone. Those flower pics are amazing!
    I am seriously intrigued by the frames you mentioned. I look forward to seeing pictures of them.

  4. I love the flower and raindrop photos — like another reader though, the clouds is my favourite — so beautiful! Can’t wait to see the photos of your frames.

  5. Even though you use your camera for your passion; your phone captured beautiful photos. I guess even in Utah there is beauty around. Some people might love a beautiful picture of the Payson Temple in one of your custom frames.

  6. Flower/foliage photos with drops are the best, in my opinion. Your Samsung did a great job! I’m looking forward to seeing the frames. :)

  7. That is such a labor intensive work, Mary! Beautiful captures of the raindrops and flowers. :)

  8. We recemtly got the Samsung Galaxy S5 and we love the camera! We are actually using it for more photos than our camera. Your photo with the raindrops are so cute:) Good you had your phone along. Can’t wait to see the new frames.

  9. Love raindrops on petals. So pretty. I’ve learned to always have one of my cameras on me. My little Sony takes much better photos than my smart phone although your Samsung did a very nice job. I look forward to seeing all your crafty handy work. I do know how time consuming those creative ventures can be.

  10. I’m with Jodi…I can’t get great photos like that with my phone either, and I got a new phone a while ago because it was supposed to have such a great camera (I think on your recommendation, since I do have a Samsung). I’m pretty sure it’s the operator. :)

  11. And it’s rare to capture the brief time when the drops are still on the petals but the sun is out! Great photos!

  12. That’s one great shot for a phone. I don’t do as well with my point and shoot camera.

    I guess that’s the difference between an artist and a hack. :)

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