A short trip to Port Townsend — 25 Comments

  1. I don’t know why, but that is one town I have heard about and have always wanted to visit!! I don’t even know if I will ever get to Washington, but I truly enjoyed looking at your photos! What a cute town! And I love Thai food. I have a book called, “The 100 Best Little Art Towns in America”. I bought it years ago…I think it was published in the late 90’s. I have visited MANY of those towns and they are all awesome! Port Townsend was in that book! I just looked the book up on Amazon and you can have it for just one CENT! hahahaha! I am glad you enjoyed your little day trip! The boxes you made are just gorgeous and I’m sure your nieces will love them!

  2. I have heard Port Townsend was a great town to visit. I would like to explore some of the shops. The sea glass boxes are cute, your nieces will love them. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  3. THAT BARN! MARY! That would make a fantastic CARD! Wow, unbelievably charming visit! Yes, I love towns like this where the architecture takes you back to a time you didn’t even live through, but can feel as you walk in these structures. I know what you mean about walking into these places, wanting to take so many photos but the lighting is just not conducive to great photos. But you captured enough of the magic to show us this wonderful place. HAVE FUN!

    • That barn would make a fun card, wouldn’t it. Despite the bad photo conditions, it was fun to just get what I could. Sometimes that’s all there is.

  4. you have THE EYE for special things around you… that’s just great to discover so much things we wouldn’t notice when we walk by. your cam is sometimes like a time machine… is it from a magic store?

  5. Oh my goodness! It’s too late to help that barn, I fear. I do love the building in your first two photos and the boxes you painted and decorated with glass and shells will be loved, I;m sure!

  6. That barn looks like Noah’s Ark.
    The boxes are neat and I like that you didn’t use grout. The girls could add little trinkets they find.

  7. That building is AMAZING. I agree with you that architecture and the artistry of antique things are unparalleled. I work occasionally at a couple antiques auctions and I always marvel at the beauty, artistry and craftsmanship of older things. And when I find an old town that’s either filled with Victorian beauties or just old unique homes, I can’t get enough. I was blown away by the picture of that barn – I love travelling the back roads and I always see unique things, but I’ve never seen a barn collapsing the way that one is. It seems to be going down with style and grace! I’m really enjoying seeing all these incredible things on your journey. :)

  8. I love old architecture too! And, yeah, why don’t they make things so nice anymoe?! That barn is so cool, and the boxes came out greatt!

    We’ve been to Port Townsend before. We had a nice time – but having no clue about the Twilight books/movie, we just happened to be there during “Bella’s birthday ball”. Yep – a ball to celebrate a fictional characters’ birthday. We had no clue. And it meant we couldn’t get into any of the good restaurants! Crazy.

  9. What a neat place to visit and a great outing! Of course mom is partial because she has the same name as the port. She’s pretty sure it’s not the same Townsend’s though. She had a great uncle that moved his family to Pendleton, OR but that was well after this I assume. Love Dolly

  10. Like you, I love Victorian architecture. But the funny thing is that it was criticized in its day for being shoddy because it wasn’t hand made.

    Those pretty ornaments on the corner building were probably pressed metal. And the bead board we like so much on an old porch ceiling? It was the equivalent of plywood in its day.

    I guess it’s a good reminder that fast and cheap is sometimes also beautiful. And that time makes lots of things even more interesting.

  11. The jewelry boxes are so pretty, I bet your nieces love them.

    I saw that photo of the barn on Facebook, I hope they aren’t still using it, it looks dangerous!

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