A Short Trip to the Salt River in Arizona — 11 Comments

  1. I’m so glad you had some horse therapy. It sounds like you really needed it! Love the photos, especially at the water.

  2. The horses are beautiful, as always. I’ve seen a few horses since we’ve been in AZ this week, but no wild ones, I don’t think. We were at Monument Valley day before yesterday and Page yesterday, went through Antelope Canyon today, and are at the Grand Canyon now. We did see an art show last weekend at a town that started with a W, near Phoenix. Don’t think you were there though, I think I would have recognized your work.

  3. Whenever my mom is stressed she either goes for a walk or run with us, or takes us out and shoots photos. It brings her back to a relaxed state. The photos are all great, but the first one is really amazing!

  4. That is guaranteed to cheer you up and get your refreshed for the next venture! I hope the upcoming show is much better!

  5. The light was fabulous! I couldn’t wait until I opened up your post. Your title had me at Hello… as soon as I Salt River… I knew horses were going to be posted.

    Your Horse Therapy worked for me too!

    Fabulous captures my friend!

  6. Good morning Mary! It’s the weekend and I am finally having a bit of time from a crazy work week. HORSE THERAPY is always in order for me, whether it’s in the middle of the day at school (some of my students are wild about horses like me) or at the end of the day. Your photos here are the best because you are catching them being just who they are. I laugh so hard when I see their expressions, the way they play with their pals, the way they splish splash in the water. Oh Mary, wouldn’t you agree with me that horses are wondrous creatures?

  7. Beautiful shots of beautiful horsesI live in NJ so I dont know if Ill ever see wild horses but maybe I should put that on my bucket list

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