A Tale of Two Moose — 11 Comments

  1. they are beautiful… and it is great to watch them through your cam… not captured in a zoo, in their natural habitat… and that is super great that we still have such animals around us…

  2. That would be so much fun, just the getting soaked part is not so fun. What great shots and how much you know about these guys from following them!

  3. Hello, awesome series on the moose. What a great sighting and experience. Wonderful series of photos.

  4. Wow, that’s amazing! What a great way to start your day! Loved the story – and especially that last shot – but I’m very happy that I am not a girl moose. :)

  5. It looks like everyone else has already said what my over-tired brain is capable thinking this morning. Beautiful photos! I so wish I could join you – in real life – some mornings! I love early morning, too, before hubby and the dogs wake up. But lately I can barely sit up before sunrise. It might help if I didn’t watch tv until 2 or 3 in the morning. ? Anyway, once I’m up, the girls and I go out in the yard for a while and I sit in the carport while they run off their morning energy spurts.

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