A tipi at rendezvous — 14 Comments

  1. My jaw just dropped…Mary, MARY! You are capturing the mood I WANT! I am crazy busy with school, but I look forward to the day in summer that I can really learn photoshop. You really took out the sun of the day and added the MOOD. THANK YOU! Anita

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  3. Very good pictures. Someday soon we will have a Tipi in our own little outback. and maybe a sweat lodge and medicine wheel. Once its set up it will be our own get away in our own back yard surrounded by a forest of trees. Since my DNA test came back we may have to add a little African stuff also. You know drums, gourds, same stuff different designs. LOL and some Scottish, Spanish,Italian,German, Swedish.

  4. Although I love your shot and what you did with it, something just doesn’t feel right about white men (I’m assuming they were white) putting up tipi’s when they go camping. I’m sitting here wondering if Native Americans ever go camping and put up log cabins!

  5. I LOVE what you did with that tipi photo! It’s something about the color of the sky that is just amazing. The original photo was fine, but just kind of blah, boring. You made it into something very interesting.

  6. Mary, such simple changes, but, oh, how I LOVE the look of the final image! I had to laugh that you admire people who can put them up; I, on the other hand, admire people who actually sleep in them ;)

  7. Re: Emilio, 4-24-15
    You remarked about “White People” putting up a tipi. Don’t know about you, but my family stories include more than one Native American ancestor. I really admire anyone who has the determination and skill to research, construct and successfully put up a tipi as beautiful as the one pictured!

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