AB-Friday One photo focus — 24 Comments

  1. GOod morning Mary! I think your version is perfect. Cropping can do just as much magic as other features and you are so right; the focus is more on the bush. What a great entrance way! Enjoy your weekend and whatever you do for Easter. We are going to the lake for a sunrise moment! Anita

  2. I think this challenge is so interesting – seeing everyone’s different ideas really does give each photo many different perspectives. I like how yours emphasizes the vine-covered tree even more (I couldn’t tell whether it’s a dead tree covered in vines that have been tamed or a shaped bush). The tree/bush makes the house look even more charming. I love finding unique scenes like this when we’re discovering new areas.

  3. I think it looks great. Unfortunately we can always find ways to do things better, so I wouldn’t worry much about what else you could do. This looks pretty nice the way it is.


  4. I think turning the colour photo into a black and white enhanced the composition and the connection between the fertile plant and the house. I also think the tighter crop focuses the eyes much better. Well done, Mary!

  5. I agree – the black and white really makes the eye focus on the shapes and textures. Well done!

  6. Ahhh…Lightroom. It’s on my bucket list of things to learn. I limp along in photo editing with the little bit I know about Photoshop and PicMonkey. What I really need is someone to just sit down with me to show me how to use it.

    I thought the shape of that bush was very interesting too. It reminds me of an anvil head.

  7. For me, the key really was in cropping the image to help direct focus. While you’re crop wasn’t as tight as mine, it was interesting how converting it to black and white makes the frames around the door and the windows and those wonderful chairs just pop! Because of that, the image ties together really well. Nice edit, Mary!

  8. I really like the stark black/white edit you did. I’m partial to more contrasty B&W like you did here, great edit. :D

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