AB Friday – Stars — 15 Comments

  1. You know Mary, even without the editing, you were able to capture the stars. Well done.

  2. I sure don’t consider you a novice in any form of photography. That photo is gorgeous, and your edits made it amazing. To not be able to capture the Milky Way because of the moon’s brightness is still a lovely thing; to not be able to capture the stars because of city/suburb lights is, to me, unwelcome and sad. The moon and starts are the only “Friday night lights” I care to see. :)

  3. I really like the modifications you made. I took one the other morning of the moon aligned with a planet. Of course we have a lot of ambient light so it’s no where near as gorgeous as yours. I should e-mail it to you and see what you can do with it. LOL it was taken with my little point and shoot.

  4. I can just imaging the peacefullness while shooting these. The moon provided just the right light for the mountains.

  5. I love it!!!! The Tetons sure are a great backdrop for star photos!

    You probably already have all the input you want – but just in case – I found a great book on Amazon called “Night Photography” by Jennifer Wu. It has become my handbook… that I am always looking back to for more advice. You might like it.

  6. Mary this is just lovely, I really like how your edit made the sky a bit brighter and bluer. It is interesting how the car lights in the orig gave the image scale, but in the edit made the image seem more lonely and quiet. Funny how a little change can affect the mood of the photo.

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