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  1. I love what you have done with the photo!!

    Yes, I remember this house very well and I am THAT old too..

    Such a tragedy about Robin Williams. I thought he was a brilliant actor and comedian.

  2. for me the house got “character” with the cartoonish look, it’s no longer one nice house, it’s THE nice house now :o)
    easy rider

  3. I have learned so much from YOU this year Mary. I used to always want to lighten my photos, but now, I am learning to look at the photo (as I do a poem) and ask, “What must I do in service of the photo?” Sometimes darkening is the better route. And what you did here and show here is encouraging because yesterday I went to the Japanese Garden at the local park. STUNNING PLACE but all my photos came out too light, washed out. I did however, darken some in Photoshop and now they are presentable!

    Lovely home. Anita

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  5. I liked the remarkable way you changed the photo. I love Victorian style myself and could see myself living in such a neat home. Being older than you I to remember the Mork and Mindy show.. Such a tragic ending for such a great man.

  6. I like what you’ve done but would love to see it “pushed” even a bit further. For some reason the tower on the right doesn’t seem to have as much effect as the rest. And please don’t think of my comment as negative. I really like the effect. I might even try to duplicate it on one of my own photos one day. :)

  7. Oh Mary, how great it is to see your comment at my blog. And those photos of the roses are mine. I am loving experimenting with photos! And I just chuckled when I saw Roxy on Instagram. She is so cute napping! :) Anita

  8. Thank you so much Mary! I am hoping to get some gorgeous shots of Carmel by the Sea. I’ll share them on Instagram! Anita

  9. That is a really cool house, and I love what you did with the photo. I remember that show too, so you’re not alone in being that old! :)

  10. AB Friday pictures are great…. I like Katie Priors pic… Great contrast for me…good stuff

    Also Not being a historical person on old houses. Can you tell me about the round embelishments on the porch posts.???… Nothing else on the old house has roundness to it. These stick out like a sore thumb to me.. So my curiosity is taking over..What are they ??….Any info would be apprectated…Thanks Dale

  11. Love your chosen watercolor filter, Mary! And, the second I read that you used your HDR preset, I remembered that I hadn’t yet imported it into LR – that’s now been corrected and I can’t wait to try it out. It gave you a great starting point with my overexposed image. I also like your tighter crop. It brings us closer to the front door (and gets rid of the snow on the lawn – another thing I didn’t notice in my own editing – too funny what some of us see and what some of us don’t). Thanks so much for participating! It’s always fun to see what you choose to do :D

  12. What a fun idea for a challenge – love your results and remember the show perfectly!! Can still vividly recall the first episode when Mork arrived on earth. I laughed so hard I cried and no one was there to share it with me. He was such a talent.

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