This blog is about our life on the back road. Let’s meet the cast and characters.
Al creates beautiful sculptures in bronze, and wood. He has been creating his wonderful art since 2001. Always evolving, improving, and trying new things, Al has produced some wonderful, timeless pieces. More of his work can be seen at Al Hone Fine Art, and at art shows throughout the year. Be sure to check the Artwork and Art shows page for more info. 
mary hone, al hone
Mary, that’s me, is a photographer and mixed media artist. Photography started as a way to chronicle our journey on the blog, but has become a full blown passion and evolved into mixed media fine art. Prints, and fine art pieces are available to purchase at Mary Hone Photography, and at art shows throughout the year. So check out that link above. 
Then of course we have Roxy and Torrey, the best dogs ever. Roxy is a spunky Pomeranian/Chihuahua who loves snuggling, hiking, and meeting new people. She is pretty sure that everyone is there just to meet her. Torrey is a Miniature Australian Shepherd. She is the happiest dog, and has a real love for life. Hiking, exploring, and hanging with her people are her favorites. They love our traveling life and having a new back yard all the time.
Cute Aussie with sunglasses
 roxy-eyesTales from the back road
We live and travel full time in our 5th wheel trailer, going to art shows to sell our wares, and just exploring every new place we find ourselves in. We travel to so many different places, see so many great things, and meet interesting and fun people along the way. We create our art, and get our inspiration from all the beautiful places we land. How can you not be inspired, when this is your “yard.” 
Our house on the back road
Tales from the back road
Desert sunset
Join our adventure and read our Tales from the back road. 
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  1. Sounds like you have a very exciting life. My mom an pops plan on doing this when they retire. But now we will have to take Sherman too he’s my brother. My parents son bought Sherman he lives with us and mom takes care of him more than my human brother. We have been together since we were four months old. So my mom told my human brother he couldn’t separate us when he moves out. So we are together forever yippee. Any how enough of my rambling we love to make new friends. Have a great week and be safe

    Tickle Berry & Sherman

  2. Your blog is informative, fun & you share beautiful pictures. I enjoy traveling through your eyes Thank you.

  3. My wife and I were boondocking near Quartzsite last month. One our way in or back from Quartzsite one trip we noticed a 5th wheel parked off Old Plomosa Road. It was there a few days.
    We had been down that road before in past years and remembered one particular Saguaro near where you were. It was tall with no arms. Sometime in the past someone had placed a car tire around the Saguaro and the cactus has grown to almost fill the tire.

    Last week I had taken our motor home in to Quartzsite and on the way back to our camp you had just pulled out on Plomosa Road and while following you I saw this web site on your back window.
    So, out of curiosity, here I am.

    Didn’t say “Hi” when we were there so, “Hi”, now.

    We also have a 2 year old small Aussie, (they told us that when we got her, but she has many other breeds in her blood. Lol

  4. I found your blog through a link on Campendium. We are part timers who travel in a fifth wheel. I’ve enjoyed browsing your blog and seeing your beautiful photos. Happy travels!

  5. I ran upon your blog when I was looking for articles on beading. I just love the dog jackets. Your dog looks so much like our dog Bridget, who passed about 5 years ago. We travelled in our trailer for 3 years on the road and loved it. Looking at your beautiful photography and art was inspiring and it sure made me want to get back out on the road.

    Great Blog!

    • Thanks so much! I’m glad you found me, and I’m glad you like it here. The beaded dog jackets are pretty fun. Roxy creates quite the stir in hers. We love our life on the road, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.