Adorable Wild Baby Burro Part 2 — 16 Comments

  1. OMG. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First of all, I remember Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom show, I DO!!!!!!

    Burrito is absolutely TOO cute for words. That curly coat, those ears, those button eyes and precious muzzle, I WANT to find one to photograph! Mary, I LOVE the two photos especially with just Burrito. They are all darling but you did a great job getting a shot just of her, and I didn’t know that the heat could effect the focus of the lens!

    Bravo my friend. These are sensational!

    • Thanks Anita!!! You come here, and we will go get photos of burros, large and small. I think a lot of us of a certain age, remember that show.

  2. Cuteness overload. What precious little furry ones those burros are, and the adults are cute too. Mom used to watch Animal Kingdom every Sat. night at a little girl she says. Great photos.

  3. I do remember those Mutual of Omaha shows. Thank goodness you didn’t have to witness one of those circle of life moments. Great job capturing these little ones. The cuteness is beyond words and has left me smiling. The photos should do well at the shows. Cute, cute cute!

    • Glad I made you smile, and I too am glad I didn’t have to see a circle of life moment. That would have not been good.

  4. I’m actually now doing that mouth/hum thing for a song when there aren’t words, “Da,da,da,daaa, DUM, da,da,da,da,da,da,da,da, DUM.” Loved that show.
    You would have been an excellent photo-journalist for them…except I understand they weren’t always ethical in their setups, so then you would have had to quit in protest. Probably just as well you have your own thing going on.

  5. Sorry about that! Can you delete my last comment please — it was me not paying attention to what I was typing.

    What I meant to type was — they are so adorable, even when letting you know they’re not too pleased with the stalking photographer!

    Love the coyote photos too!

  6. I DO remember the show! And, if I remember correctly, the host’s name was Merlin Perkins. I loved that show!

    ¡Los burros/burritos son preciosos! Los quiero mucho. (At least I remember some of my high-school Spanish. Not bad for not having used it much these last 47 years. ?)

  7. Ha ha – I feel sure that you’re going to go find Burrito and Fuzzy Wuzzy again! I thought that you did a fabulous job with all the photos. It’s hard to believe that Burrito is real – s/he looks like a stuffed animal because she’s so fuzzy and has such delicate markings. It’s hard to believe how much Fuzzy Wuzzy has changed in a year. Wow. I bet that these will be great sellers for you :)

  8. Oh, what wonderful shots you got! He is so darn adorable!!! We’re glad there were no Wild Kingdom moments though (yup, I remember it!)

  9. Hello Mary, the baby burro is just adorable. What a great sighting. I love the adults burros too. Awesome collection of photos. Enjoy your day!

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