Adorable Wild Baby Burro — 13 Comments

  1. OMG. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You made me chuckle with these darling photos. That baby..goodness me….I WANT A BURRO! My husband thinks I’m nuts because I want a zoo of hooved creatures! Mary, your photos are spot on perfect, capturing not only their soft and gorgeous colors, but their personalities. Those slits for eyes make me laugh. I learned that names for these family members, a jack and a jenny…never knew that! What is the baby called?

  2. oh my, adorable! Lucky you to get to see and photograph them. I really like the side by side shots of mamma and babe.

  3. You nailed some amazingly cute photos of all of them. Of course, I think that the tiny baby is the cutest of them all. I love the one where the baby’s snout is next to his mom’s. And I love both of the ones where the baby is running! Way to go!

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  5. Hello, they have to be just the cutest critters I have ever seen. The baby burro is adorable. Awesome collection of photos. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing this post. Have a happy weekend!

  6. For all they seemed skittish, you certainly captured some charming poses! The baby is adorable – and clearly knows better than to wander far from Mama!

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