After Before Friday-Horses — 20 Comments

  1. BVravo, it looks fabulous! The mom and her baby are just beautiful and after editing I can se every muscle and their wunderful shiny fur… pawsome!

  2. How cute! The mom and her baby are beautiful. I like both images, the blur is neat. Happy Friday!

  3. Good morning Mary!

    This horse photo you shared last week was so special to me, and when I was on vacation (we just got home yesterday), I had specific things I had wanted to photograph on my trip. I got ocean shots, fairytale cottages in Carmel, and certain historic places. I got EVERYTHING I wanted except for a horse! We saw many in Carmel Valley but we were unable to stop on the highway.

    This is such a fine transformation. I love how cropping a photo can give focus and attention to the subject. But I especially love what you did with the blurring tool. Like you said, I am learning to take better photos, but I learned SO much on my trip from a photographer and his wife on the streets of Carmel, then from a young woman in a gallery who shared the old craft of photography before any digital devices. SO fascinating!

    I need to spend more time this summer working with Photoshop to find the healing tool you used; your transformation is inspiring and also very very CUTE (LOVE HORSES!)

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  5. I love both photos — and in particular the second.

    I use PS — but very very immaturely. Mostly I use it to put words on my photos of my paintings!

    Reading and seeing your work, I feel inspired to dig deeper into its many possibilities!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I think it’s tough just getting a camera shot off fast enough to catch animals looking right at you, good shot!

    I’ve been playing with PS more and make use the clone-stamp tool quite often, using a lower % of opacity around the edges. I get rid of that pesky garden hose in the background that way :->

  7. Very nice Mary! I think you put yourself down by saying its an OK photo, its got lots going for it, the Mum and baby are both looking at the camera, the backlighting is lovely and the blurred background looks good. I like the slightly greenish blue colour you have added to the trees in the back, it works well. I’m not a Ps expert by any means, but have you tried creating a layer mask over the horses using the quick selection tool and feathering the edges slightly and then applying the blur filter. I don’t know if this will work, but it would be worth a try. :-)

    • Kaie, than you for the suggestion. I figured out how to do what you suggested and it worked great. And the best part, I learned something new.

  8. Interesting idea on the blur filter. I agree with Katie, it’s a good result and I also think her suggestion would work well for the transition between the horses and blurred background.

  9. Unbelievably beautiful transformation. I can see the problem you mention but it does not bother me. Maybe when you feel more adept with Photoshop you will revisit this photo. That’s what I am constantly doing with Lightroom, revisiting my old photos.

  10. It is a beautiful transformation! I never have the patience to play with LR or PS but you make me think that I should find the patience!

  11. Mary, you know what I love most about this post? That Katie chimed in and gave you a suggestion that you then used and found it to work :) This is exactly why I love these posts. Your idea to blur the background was a great one, and I really love the turquoise tone you chose to give it. Such a great shot! Makes me want to put on my cowboy hat and yell “Yeehaw!”

  12. I like the blurring around the horses. To me it looks like the blur surrounds the horses, but the horses are clear, which makes them stand out.

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