After Before Friday – Week 49 — 18 Comments

  1. So stunning this transformation, Mary! I was fooling around with Photoshop last night and finally found how to cut out a background on a photo. Now, I’d like to learn to apply these layers of which you speak here! Every time I try them however, I never get anywhere. I did go to a quick tutorial to learn how to cut out the background, so maybe I’ll try this weekend to hone my layering skills!


  2. I think the end result is amazing!! Great job on the editing! It looks so much better! I just love playing around with photo editing!! I am so far behind in reading blogs…just wanted to stop by and say hello!! I really wish I was back out on the road again…

  3. Wow, Mary, total transformation with what you describe as a few simple steps! Really love the sun-kissed, vibrant look the after image has. Thanks for participating! Hope you’re enjoying your time away :)

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