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  1. I have a faible for this kind of ads too… we still have some on old barns and buildings… I think I should take photos too before they are gone :o)Thanks for the inspiration :o)

  2. Ah, would you believe we still have some of these wonderful old advertisements on brick buildings here in Downtown Minneapolis? They are a treasure, taking you back in time. Your before and after shots are a great lesson and inspiring to me as I am now learning to get the look I want! And Instagram has been a great motivator to do my own photos!

    Have a sensational weekend Mary, you and Al! Anita

    • Love the old signage, and I like it when it’s preserved for the future. I would say you are having success in finding your “look.”

  3. A wonderful old advertisement! Your images are awesome, well done! Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  4. I really like that the sign hasn’t been restored. I really like finding those old bits of history. And they only catch the eye of people who are really looking at their world.

    I really like the shot with the fence at the bottom. It’s really dynamic and yet monochromatic.

  5. Your edits make a huge difference! Well done! I’m a fan of the old advertising signs and, you are right, they are becoming increasingly rare!

  6. A photographer’s eye, Mary, always searching and finding hidden gems :) I’m interested in what your “HDR” preset is, as it seems it was a great starting point for your processing. You certainly brought out what details you could and shared with us a wonderful bit of history. Thanks so much for participating in the forum!

    • I have a couple different presets that are HDR, I tried to figure out where this one came from, but I can’t remember. (sorry) I would email it to you though. Spotting the sign as we drove past, was lucky indeed.

  7. Its great to see these “ghost signs” they give us a small insight into a part of history. Who knows how long they will stay around though so its lovely to see them and your edit has brought out lots of lovely colour and detail. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  8. Mike and I remember some of the old signs in these small towns but don’t recall this one. Looks The looks like an ad for lawyers. Nothing could be finer than to see a vintage building sign in Salina. Payson was restored to her former fonts ten years ago and the original ones were still underneath. The old jewlery store that was put in between two buildings was removed also to reveal an old hall way through the buildings. People lived on top of their stores in those olden days. There were old soda fountains and a havadashery on main street. In 1974, 41 years ago when we moved to Utah there were many old buildings that had old painted sign ads on them. Working in the Peteetneet museum that was once the old school in town I learned many things about the town of Payson and its first settlers. There are many photos on display in the old victorian building and artifacts

  9. I was curious what the ad was for too… so I did a Google Image search for “Salina, Utah Henry”. And would you believe that this wall was the first image (and the 3rd, 4th, and 6th)?! So apparently it is for Henry George Cigars. :)

    I love how you brought out the colors and gave it an HDR look. Great edit. :D

  10. Wow, very nice work. You managed to pull out a lot of detail and color. It seems to be anunusually inspirational image. It inspired Nic to find out what the ad was. Nic’s super research inspired me to go one step further. Henry George cigars were made by the Consolidated Cigar Corp. The company sponsored the “Henry George Show” on Columbia Radio Network in the 1930s and the theme song, called “Smoke Your Troubles Away” was also known as the Henry George Theme Song which ended with: “When you’re feeling bored, light a Henry George, and smoke your troubles away.” I know, this is an extreme example of TMI.

  11. There is hardly anything like this around here. I hate the mindset in Las Vegas that anything older than, say, 25-30 years should be imploded rather than preserved. They do, however, keep a lot of the old Neon signs around. Some are still being used downtown around Fremont St. and others are kept in a neon museum!

  12. It’s cool, I don’t remember seeing any ads like this on buildings around here. We have big billboards to advertise on. :-(

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