After the desert rain — 29 Comments

  1. Ha! No people and lots of birds! That’s awesome! I love all of your photos today. What kind of camera do you use for these Mary? Canon DSLR?

  2. My goodness, that creosote bush looks as if it has tiny Christmas lights on it! Isn’t it such a magical moment when time and light allow you to catch them as such? And then the dew/frost – allowing you entrance to their world of clear little bells of echos of winter..I LOVE THIS! Mary, have another fascinating day!

  3. Mom loves water droplet pictures. She as a macro lens thing she likes to use for those shots. Very pretty, those bushes with the droplets.

  4. A lovely series of photos.. Gorgeous sky shots.. And I love the rain droplets.. Great captures, have a happy day!

  5. Truly awesome photos. What incredible gifts from nature. I can imagine how hard it was to leave a place with such incredible beauty. When you talked about how all that excess water just *knew* where to go, it always strikes me how nature, when left to itself and remains untampered with, usually does have a logical flow that keeps all ecosystems alive. It’s only when man tampers with it that everything goes haywire. Anyway, I agree with you about there being a definite allure to a place with lots of birds and no people! I hope we see some bird photography before you move to your next exciting destination. :)

  6. Your photos are just so wonderful! Love seeing the tenacity of life out in the desert. BY THE WAY: I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Come on over to today’s post on to check out “your assignment,” which involves answering an interview and selecting YOUR nominees to “pay it forward.” *wags* – Gilligan from

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  8. I once had a plan to get a slide tattoo because they symbolize creativity but I could never work out a way to have it not look scary/creepy without being a silly cartoon. It’s so interesting to me to see your take on the desert after the rain and has reminded me to be more conscientious of the beauty the wet brings. Sometimes we get used to what we see everyday!

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