All the angles of a moose — 19 Comments

  1. Oh wow, these are amazing shots of the moose. And the lighting is perfect. The moose is one of my favorite animals, awesome post!

  2. He’s beautiful and you got some amazing shots of him. He was probably trying to figure you out and decide if you were a threat or not! LOL In the end I guess he decided he’d like to be immortalized on film. ;) Really great photos, Mary, and I love the fall tones of yellow and gold coming in.

  3. So thankful you’re taking pics of animals I may never get to see. Just lovely.

    And how nice of Mr. Moose to pose with such lovely backdrops.

  4. Awfully nice of Mr. Moose to be so accommodating. Those big guys do have a way of letting one know when it’s time to move on. I had a moment with a buffalo yesterday. His look said, “time to leave me alone lady”, which I of course did.

  5. He did a good job, guess he got tired of modeling after a while! :) I miss seeing moose, we don’t see many around here anymore.

  6. Yeah, I’ve learned that having a moose look at me “straight on” is a cue to get away quickly! Those are magnificent photos!!! I bet you had a very long lens to manage such crisp and colorful ones of that big guy!

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