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Alpine Wyoming summer solstice — 16 Comments

  1. I’ve never been to Wyoming, but I did a quick look-up of Jackson Hole and it looks like a beautiful place with great landscapes!
    I’m with you on the hunting subject.

  2. I love Cougars. They have the rainbow family gathering above Heber going on till July 7th. Its keeping the Rangers busy. I think these peace promoting warriors are awsome!

  3. I definitely don’t get the desire to have stuffed dead animals around as a decoration. Not my cup of tea!

  4. Yikes! At first we thought that was a real cougar and were amazed you would get so close! Have fun in Jackson Hole!

  5. Sounds like your ability to be flexible with your plans worked out okay for you. Hope you have a great time in Jackson Hole. I hear it’s beautiful.

  6. Torrey is such a character! We were at Jackson Hole once when I was pretty young. I’d love to go back and visit again. Have some fun there for me!

  7. Wow that taxidermist is very gifted. We eat most of what hubby hunts. Every once in a while we will also have something taxidermied. I admire good work. :)

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