An Assortment of Wildlife — 10 Comments

  1. I knew I’d be in for a retreat before I headed out to work this morning. Your wildlife photos are always an uplift toward the heavens. Thank you, Mary!

  2. I can’t believe how big the cygnets have gotten! You can’t ever show us too many wildlife photos, or too many different kinds! The scenery never gets old either. :)

  3. That scenery never gets old. I understand why you love it there so much. Hopefully I can squeeze in a week up there next summer.

  4. Wow, as usual, fab pics. That raven shot is great! And love the curled up moose! Sorry to see there aren’t as many baby birdies – but they are sure growing up to be beautiful!

    (BTW, did you see my answer to your question on my blog? The last email I got from you was to say you’d managed to download the book with no problem. If that’s the one you meant, then yes, I saw it! Thought I replied to it… but maybe that was only in my mind.) :)

  5. I see why you spend September in Wyoming. We are talking about doing the same thing as you next year! I want to see those Tetons and the gorgeous wildlife.

    I love the reflective photo of the Tetons!

  6. Hello, I love the moose and young one curled up. The bull moose is awesome. Cool shots of the elk. The Swans are beautiful too. Gorgeous captures of the mountains. Happy weekend to you!

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