An evening in the park — 23 Comments

  1. I love all of these pictures! I have to ask…does it feel pretty safe when you are left alone in the RV when Al is gone for a few days? I have often wondered about that. I sure hope he isn’t gone too long. It’s nice that you two really enjoy spending all of your time together! Those moose pics are amazing!

    • I feel totally safe. We are in a great campground that we have spent a ton of time in. Torrey will bark if something is up, and I am prepared for whatever.

      • I actually thought you were boondocking out in the middle of nowhere! It totally makes sense if you are in a familiar place! Glad to hear sales are going well…I need to go over and look at your latest group of photos!

  2. it seems you are there to catch the best moments… the sun behind the mountains is a masterpiece and I love the last photo of the elk… he has such a special look as if he would grin :o)

  3. The Tetons are gorgeous! I love the elk and the moose, cool sightings and photos! Enjoy your day!

  4. great photos as usual. Strange and wonderful mountains. The Elk seemed photo shy. Sometimes being apart makes being back together even better. A little time for your self sometimes is good; sometimes not. Sending positive thoughts that all will be well till he returns.

  5. All great photos, but I love those elk antlers sticking up out of the high grass. :) And the sunlight beaming up from behind the mountains is incredible. I think it’s so sweet that you two haven’t been apart more than twice in two years – you’re a perfect match for each other! :D

  6. LOL! The elk looks like some space alien rising from the ground! (I watch way too many movies). When I walked the dogs this morning, I saw two bucks lying to the side of the trial in a small patch of trees. Both had their antlers grown in, but they were still covered in velvet. I have never seen them in that phase before. Of course I did not have my camera with me! I never seem to learn my lesson on that. Always bring the camera!

  7. Ha, the elk are like my girls when I’m trying to take photos! Luke is more cooperative like the moose. I go away with “the girls” for a night here and there, but it’s not often that my hubby goes away, and I don’t like it much when he does either. I hope Al doesn’t have to be gone for too long!

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